♪ New Model For 2014

♪ New Endorsee

Welkin Sound and Kumalae Ⓡ Ukuleles would like to welcome our newest endorsee and user ITCH from the UK's very own KING BLUES!
Itch is now playing our KS70 model. Koa top, back & sides, abalone binding and gold Kluson style tuners.
Thank you Itch! We're glad you enjoy our ukes!!

Visit The King Blues at KingBlues.net.

♪ The Ukulele

The ukulele (oo-keh-lay-lay) has become one of the most popular musical instruments in the last 3 years. There are so many ukeleles on the market today it's difficult to decide which brand to choose.
Some look great but don't sound right. Some feel like toys while others are well made, solid instruments.
Kumalae Ⓡ ukuleles bring the best of all worlds. Great sounding, beautifully crafted and very affordable.
Manufactured from the finest mahogany and koa and boasting (on some of our models) Kluson tuners, Fishman electronics and Aquila strings, Kumalae Ⓡ ukuleles are sure to please every player from the beginner to the seasoned professional!

Thank you for choosing Kumalae ukuleles and enjoy our website.

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2014 Feature Model

The KS-10 Soprano

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The apex of quality and craftsmanship!

♪ Our Models

Kumalae Ⓡ ukes come is 3 basic models... soprano, concert and tenor.
Each model is individually inspected by highly qualified control technicians to make sure you get the ukulele that you want.
Not only are our ukuleles manufactured from durable, resonant and beautiful spruce, mahogany and koa, they are also available with high gloss finishes, cutaway lower bouts and acoustic/electric pre-amps.
Please visit our models page for full descriptions and detailed pictures of these fine hand crafted ukuleles.

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Bring the sounds of the islands home with you!
Everyone enjoys playing the ukulele and with our selection and quality, you too can experience the joy of this 4 stringed happy maker!!!